How to use the Product Compliance Database

After registering to use the Product Compliance Database commence by selecting <add product>.   
From the pull down menu under the field <type>, select a type such a <whitegoods>.  

Fill out the fields with the required information such as model number and brand name.  Then click on <submit>

The next record headed <Add Product Detail> will appear.   Add as much information as possible to give a comprehensive technical description of the product and its associated technical information.  Then click on <submit>.

Now click on the heading <Compliance Certificates> and add the certificates that are associated with the product.

Select the product(s) you have added in the previous steps fill out the relevant fields for your product(s) and then click on <submit>.

 Now click on the heading <Compliance Marks>.   Add any compliance marks such as the Regulatory Compliance Mark (RCM) and the electrical safety approval mark SAA XXXXXXX.  Then click on <submit>.

Go back to <Product Management> click on <view> to check the details you have entered for your products and click on <edit> to change any detail.

The database has been loaded up with some example products so you can see the finished result.

Click here to go to the database.

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