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Product Compliance Service

Compliance engineering and product regulation experts

Product testing, design evaluation, redesign and certification

EMC Testing, Electrical Safety Testing, Product Safety Testing and Machinery Safety Testing

Many product types and standards covered for many markets

Product Compliance Database for managing your registration and product compliance data.   Register here <Click>

DIY compliance guides and notes

Consultancy and expert witness programs.

Authorized representative and sponsor.

Support to test labs for test procedures and certification



For Laboratory testing we write the test plan, implement the testing and interpret the results addressing any non-compliance and redesigning the product.

We work closely with out clients in all phases of the design cycle and in support once the product is in use.

Featured Services

Compliance Engineering Solutions

RCM, CE, FCC, Energy Rating, Third Party Safety Marks

The RCM or Regulatory Compliance Mark is used in Australia to cover Product Compliance

The CE Mark is used in the EU to cover product and service compliance.

The FCC Mark is used in the USA to cover compliance for radio transmission and interference

The Star Rating is used in Australia to indicate energy efficiency rating of appliances

The third party safety marks of SGS, ETL, HKSTC and CSA are shown as examples of the many marks of this kind on the market.  Stradia has no association with these companies.  Their marks are trademarks and to use them on your products and services requires an agreement with these companies.

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